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Lou Taresch on 22 November, 2021 at 9:00pm

…..Batman theme intro.

Good afternoon and thank you so very much for attending today

For those of you who were regularly entertained with the Batman intro on dads most loved BETA videos, hopefully you had a laugh and would remember how obsessed with it he was. And yes BETA was technically better technology than VHS.

May I also take this time to make a special mention to the close family and friends who were unable to be with us today.
Mums sister Aunty Anne Uncle Des and their family from Tasmania and Queensland.
Uncle Ray and of course probably Dads oldest friends Faye and Brian ,Jacky and family. All of whom knew dad well.

Today I will try to give you a picture of Rob,my Father and how I saw him.

Some of my earliest memories were of Friday nights,waiting ,patiently, hiding until Dad came home to find us, and even though hiding spaces in our lounge area were fairly limited he never got sick of pretending to not know where we were hiding.
Large white paper Lolly bags filled to the brim were a magical reward .
Friday nights were always the best, Dad would so often come home delighted with having closed the largest amount of deals that week.
Rough and tumble play on the carpet ,music and Dancing,Dad often standing us on his feet and walking around the room in delight.

In general dad was not the disciplinarian in our family, I remember Dad being told to give me a belting one day _ Dad dragged me up stairs and lay me over his knee,only to be followed by a whisper -scream, as he hit the side of the bed.

Yet Like a lots of families , life was not smooth sailing and to portray that image would not be fair either, Dad was often selfish, self absorbed and absent, life was not easy but regardless , we knew how much he loved us.

When dad was great ,he was fantastic , he was the life of the party, warm , kind and ambitious.

…………. Miami vice theme……..

Life was in the fast lane , and much like Don Johnson in Miami Vice there were always complications yet the rush was contagious.

That Dad I knew was only one aspect of dad. It wasn’t until many years later I feel I finally got to know him.
As he got older the frantic , engulfing highs were all but gone, he sadly had more long, lonely periods of depression and ill health.
It didn’t matter how mum tried to help it was something we had no control over.
Yet during his ill health we actually spent more time with him than we ever had in the past. We got to talk properly ,laugh, cry and learn more about each other as a people rather than a Dad or a daughter.

I distinctly remember sleeping overnight in the Alfred after his Kidney transplant, he had been very confused distressed and in the midst of an Acute delirium .
He did settle but I woke up to this sneakly little hand pulling the blanket away from me, I said Dad that’s my blanket, he looked me dead in the eyes with a big smile on his face saying with the strength of ten men ….. You’ll never win ……
I eventually let him have the blanket, but not before a great fun tug of war.
That was you Dad, a man who fought to the end, I can only believe it was not for him, he was so tired, it was because he would never be ready to leave us or the love of his life Lyn.
- [ ] Rest softly Dad knowing how much we loved you back.

Part 2 on 22 November, 2021 at 8:58pm

Thus began a togetherness which would take them through 54 years of marriage.  
 After first living at Mt Helen in Ballarat where they built a beautiful home, they moved here to Melbourne, eventually settling at 22 Sturdee Rd, Donvale, which is still the family home to this day, and there they brought up their three children Nicole, Louise and Suzanne.

 Back in those days Donvale was undeveloped and natural. Their home was surrounded by orchards, natural creeks and reserves and teaming with wildlife. It truely was a wonderful place to grow up.
Rob had various jobs over the years.
He worked for many years in car sales, managing various car yards.
He started the first car only sales magazine ‘Car Guide’ and was part owned of
‘The Toy Shop Prestige Cars’ in South Yarra.

Later he found his niche in working in dispute mediation.

As a family they have very fond memories of times spent with Rob.
When Nicole, Louise and Suzanne were younger, summer holidays were spent at Rob’s parents’ holiday house at Inverloch, where they had many happy times with friends and cousins who would stay.
Routinely the kids always looked forward to Friday nights because Rob would arrive home with a bag of lollies for each of them.  They always waited for his arrival with great anticipation.
They were simple times back then, and because there was no Facebook or Instagram, Nicole, Louise and Suzanne spent most of their time outside, often exploring the bushland near their home.  
They enjoyed a lot of free rein and often only needed to be home for dinner or Church.
As the years went by Rob watched his family grow with enormous pride when his grandchildren came along, and he was so wrapped to f have some boys in the family.  
Rob adored William, Henry, Charles, Patrick, Oliver, Gabriel, Georgia, Heidi, Daniel, and his step granddaughter Isabella, and loved being part of their young lives.
He was affectionately known as Poppy Robert, Pop or Robbo.
Rob was wonderful with kids.
He had an innate ability to know how they would react to certain situations and always came down to their level.  
He loved entertaining them with his puppets, especially Pepi the Monkey, and he enjoyed talking football and cars with the older grandsons.  
As many of you would know, Rob had a lifelong love for cars, especially prestige cars.
He owned many different makes and models over the years, and perhaps his pride and joy was his Dish Top Merc.
He also loved horseracing and this love morphed into racehorse part ownership.
He was no Lloyd Williams, yet Rob found it satisfying and enjoyed varying degrees of success.
He enjoyed photography and at one stage even dabbled in film making.  
Rob had a very keen interest in films, and his knowledge of movies, their plots, and who was in them, was encyclopaedic.  
He was the one to have on your team if you attended a trivia night.  
In fact he knew a lot about many different things, and his recall of dates, times and places was extraordinary.
Rob was also an avid viewer of quiz shows, which is not surprising in light of his wonderful general knowledge.
His favourite was ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’.
When he was very sick, he still made sure Lyn would wake him up to watch it.

He enjoyed being outside in the garden.
When he and Lyn first moved to Donvale there was nothing there, so through a lot of hard work and dedication they transformed their garden it into something spectacular .  
Rob did all the landscaping, and laying the blue stone was no mean feat.
He was a good artistic painter, working with oils, and produced some beautiful landscape paintings.
Like many of us, a huge passion for Rob was music, especially the music of Elvis.  
In earlier days when Rob was living in Ballarat, he owned a café which he named Seargent Peppers and on Friday and Saturday nights it was filled to the brim with young people who would attended after the dance across the road at the Ballarat Civic Centre.
It was set up like an Arabian Tent and inside were old fashioned radio grams from which Rob would put his favourite albums.
And finally when we speak about Rob’s loves and passions in life, we can’t go past his beloved Melbourne Football Club.
This all started many years before when the kids were younger and Lyn (who was already an ardent Demons fan) would take Rob and the kids to the games.
The more Rob went to the games, the more his love for the sport and for the Demons grew until he was well and truly a one eyed supporter.
His biggest highlight was of course seeing them win the flag this year.  
You couldn’t get the smile off his face!!
Rob was very warm and kind hearted.
He was charismatic and loved a good time.
And he lived his life the way he wanted, with no regrets.  
Throughout his life, and from an early age Rob has had to deal with many different health issues, but it was over the last 10 years that his health really began to decline.  
Sadly his body had had enough and he passed away last Monday the 15th of November at Box Hill Hospital ,surrounded by his family , love and without great pain.
The world is a sadder place without having Rob in our lives, however his memory will always live on.  
1. Louise
2. Suzanne

Photo Reflection – songs tbc
We are now going to take a journey through some wonderful photos and some special moments from Rob’s life.
Closing Words – Alex
As we come towards the end of our service this afternoon, I would like to thank you once again for joining us as we have celebrated Rob’s life today.
I know that our service here today cannot take away the pain and grief that weighs heavily on your hearts, but I do hope that it has provided some comfort and strength as we mourn together and stand united in our love for Rob.  
In remembering Rob today, we have celebrated not only who he was, but also what his life has meant to us.  
And in mourning, we have acknowledged those silent empty spaces that were once filled with his love and friendship.
Even though the passage of time will heal some of the sadness that is felt today, it will never take away the precious memories Rob has left for all of us.
The best thing we can all do for Rob is to continue to speak his name often and share our stories of him, because by doing this, we will keep his memory and legacy alive for ourselves and for future generations.  
Could you please stand for the final words.
In these final few moments we give thanks for Rob’s life and for his 75 years plus of love and friendship.
We are so thankful for the memories he has left behind, and for the joy, love, laughter, happiness and wisdom he brought into our lives.  
So now with caring and with love, we pay Rob our last respects, and in the quietness of this moment, we bid him a heartfelt and loving farewell, and may he forever rest in peace.

Alex on Behalf of Lyn Brodie Part 1 on 22 November, 2021 at 8:54pm

Opening Music - Hello Again by Neil Diamond
 Welcome and Introduction – Alex Faulkner
Good afternoon everyone, my name is Alex, and along with the staff from Botanical Funerals, I warmly welcome you here today to this service for Robert Brodie.
 As we gather here today our thoughts are particularly with Rob’s wife Lyn, his daughters Nicole, Louise and Suzanne, and their families.
 And on their behalf I would like to thank you for not only being here today to offer them your love and support, but also thank you for your words of comfort, your acts of kindness, and your expressions of love since Rob’s passing became known.  
The reason that we are all here today is to acknowledge and to celebrate with love and respect Rob’s life of almost 76 years.
 Every one of you here today had your own unique relationship with Rob, and therefore each of you will feel his loss differently.  
 However you all share the common bond of having known him, and over the years his friendship and his love enriched each of your lives immeasurably.
 Rob was such a rich and valuable part of your personal world, and I am sure that all of you come here today with your own very personal memories and images of him.
 It is so hard to say goodbye to that special person whom we love and have shared so much of our life with, and at a time like this grief is the most understandable and natural response.
 Jamie Anderson, a writer wrote “grief I have learnt, is just really love.  It’s all the love you have to give, but cannot.  All of that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in the hollow part of your chest.  Grief is just love with no place to go.”  
 Today’s service is all about coming together as people who knew and loved Rob, to share our grief and to support one another in our loss.
 It is also about taking some precious time to pay tribute to Rob’s life and to celebrate the person he was, the things he achieved, the lives he made a difference to, and those things which defined him as a person.
 And I hope that in the midst of the sadness you feel, you will be able to smile at some of the stories shared today about Rob, because I am sure that he would want us to embrace his memory and to reflect on the many happy times we had with him.
 It is now an honour for me to share with you the eulogy of Rob’s life and then following that we are going to hear some special tributes.
 Eulogy – Alex
Rob was born in Dundee, a coastal city in Eastern Scotland on the 7th of December 1945.
 His parents were Maryann (who was always known as Nan) and Patrick Brodie, and he had two younger sisters Joan and Patrice both of whom are here today to farewell their older brother.
When Rob was just shy of 5 years old the family immigrated here to Australia, taking the long six week journey by sea aboard the RMS Ormonde, arriving in Melbourne on the 16th of October 1950.
 They settled in Morwell where Rob’s father Patrick worked at the Morwell Power station.
 It was in Morwell that Nan and Pat had their second daughter Patrice followed by a second son Glenn who sadly died shortly after birth.
Growing up in Morwell, Rob had a simple and happy childhood.  
 According to his sister Joan, he was a very mischievous young boy.
 He was a very good swimmer, swimming in state level competitions.
 He was a great boxer, a member of the Morwell Male Choir, and volunteered at the local YMCA.
 After leaving school at the end of year 10, Rob began studying to become a draftsman.
 However his heart wasn’t really in it and he decided to pursue other things.
 While growing up in Vincent Rd a neighbour taught him the unique art of ventriloquism, and Rob loved it. He wanted to use it professionally.
 He began performing at different venues with his puppet ‘Scotty Beckett and as his reputation grew he was given a job as a kids entertainer at Channel 10 in Gippsland.
He made many life long friendships there.
Following this Rob joined Ballarat TV station BTV 6, where his talents were rewarded by being given his own Television show The Rob Brodie Show with Scotty Beckett and the BTV6 Juniors. It played live 5 nights a week in the late afternoon.
 Some people would literally send in bananas for another one of his puppets Pepi the monkey, to the station via the post office.
 Rob continued in the local theatre scene, participating in musicals and joined a band called The Explosive Mind, they managed a no 1 hit “Let it be me” with Rob contributing to the vocals. It was during this period that Lyn and Rob meet.
 There Story.
 They met at a dance in Ballarat when Lyn was undertaking nursing training. The handsome and very popular Rob swept Lyn off her feet.
A blossoming romance ensued and Rob and Lyn were married on the 7th of October 1967 in Horsham, thousands of fans came to see and congratulate the newlyweds.

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