Warwick James Young Knight 7 August, 1963 – 7 June, 2024


7 August, 1963 – 7 June, 2024

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Tania Petrogiannis Gration

Dear Gloria, Angela, Hilary and Sarah we are blessed to have met your beautiful son and brother Warwick. He was always so gentle, kind, thoughtful and wise. He never overlooked us at family events and always looked out to see that we had a drink, a seat and in effect took us under his wing. We will miss his smile but will keep the memories of our interactions close to our heart. We send you our deepest condolences for the passing of Warwick. He will not be forgotten and we hope that u take comfort in the fact that he touched and inspired so many people whilst he was walking amongst us. Now he is still with us but in a different way which is so very important. Thank you for inviting us into your family and ‘Zoi Se Sas’. Life to U and your loved ones. Konstantine and Georgia Petrogiannis and family

Tania Petrogiannis Gration


John Norman

Warwick, I always appreciated the time you gave when we had conversation, never rushed always spacious. Your keen observation and dry sense of humour. Indeed, your circle seemed quite wide and I think perhaps you influenced many. Of course your poetry, often calling (perhaps indirectly) that things be better than they are. But, most of all your personal warmth and your generous friendship.

Stephen Said

Dearest brother Warwick. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your gentleness. Thank you for teaching me how to see when I thought I did but was not. Thank you for showing me how to deepen my capacity for hospitality, for choosing to be unselfconcious, in spite of myself. Thank you for the gift of your time, your presence and your story. Much love and grace, rest in peace.